One of the beauties of Casella lamps is that they are constructed of brass, a copper and zinc alloy. When brass is exposed to air it will oxidize, turning darker in color or even green if exposed to exterior elements. This dynamic process is commonly referred to as patination, and has been utilized as far back as the second millennium BC. Casella offers a large variety of finishes, some extremely durable to look the same as time passes, others will develop a natural patina with aging and handling.

Lacquered Finishes
Waxed Finishes
Plated Finishes
Diamondclad Finishes
Oiled Finishes
Powder Coat Painted Finishes

LACQUERED FINISHES: Lacquer is a thin organic coating that provides a protective barrier over the finish. Lacquered finishes are more durable than waxed or oiled.
CARE FOR LACQUERED FINISHES: Wipe with a soft cloth. Do NOT use solvents, ammonia, or any household soaps and cleaners. NO WINDEX®.

After brushing, solid brass is oxidized providing an antique brass finish that is consistent throughout the lamp. This finish will darken with age.
ANTIQUE BRONZE (BA) A deep brown color, this oxidized finish done over bronze plating will darken slightly with age.
ANTIQUE PEWTER (AP) This is a true pewter finish applied on to solid brass. The lightly brushed pewter is oxidized revealing very fine dark lines in the finish.
BRASS PATINA (BP) Similar in color to antique brass, the oxidation is hand applied to be darker in particular areas to enhance the shape of the fixture. The finish replicates the look of a hand polished antique where the natural oxidation has accumulated in the less accessible crevices

A hand relieved oxidation applied over brass, then finished with a gloss lacquer.  It is brown with slight grey and yellow undertones.


A hand relieved oxidation applied over brass, then finished with a matte lacquer.  It is brown with slight grey and yellow undertones.

GUNMETAL (GM) A combination of oxides on solid brass creates this deep gray patina resembling that of well cared for machinery. This finish will have slight brass highlights on sharp corners.
RUSTIC BRONZE (RB) An almost black oxidation with blue undertones, Rustic Bronze has little variation on brushed-textured, solid brass.
RUSTIC COPPER (RC) Redder than our bronze finish, our Rustic Copper finish is lightly brushed and will darken with time.
SATIN BRASS (SB) The solid brass metal is buffed and brushed to give a soft satin brass finish. The color will soften to a redder finish with age.


WAXED FINISHES: Waxed finishes are living finishes that will continue to develop a patina with age. Maintenance of re-applying wax will slow this process. The hard wax not only brings out the beauty and richness of the finish color, but also provides a protective barrier to inhibit further oxidation.
CARE FOR WAXED FINISHES: Casella Lighting recommends Renaissance Wax Polish to maintain all waxed finishes. We ship a 65ml tin and instructions with each waxed finished lamp. Apply wax sparingly with a clean soft cloth and buff gently.

VERDI GREEN (VG) An authentic dark verdigris finish on solid brass. Its durability has been proven by long term installation and use in luxury hotels and restaurants in the coastal areas.


PLATED FINISHES: Casella plated finishes exhibit a natural beauty that can be maintained with periodic cleaning and polishing to remove any tarnish.
CARE FOR PLATED FINISHES: Clean with Brasso using a clean soft cloth.

POLISHED CHROME (PC) A durable finish created by highly polishing solid brass, then copper plating, buffing, and applying a chrome plate. Brighter and more stark than polished nickel, this finish is ideal for contract applications.
POLISHED NICKEL (PN) Softer and richer than chrome, this finish is applied on to highly polished solid brass. Nickel will oxidize quicker than chrome.
SATIN NICKEL (SN) Same color as polished nickel with a brushed, textured finish.


DIAMONDCLAD FINISHES: Our Diamondclad finishes are applied by a patented process. They exhibit a high brilliance, hardness, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance. Casella Lighting guarantees these finishes for 15 years, making it an excellent choice for marine, and other harsh environments. These finishes are also well suited for residential and contract use, requiring no maintenance to preserve their appearance for years.
CARE FOR DIAMONDCLAD FINISHES: Any cleaning products that can be used on chrome may be used on our Diamondclad finishes. Always use a soft cloth, never an abrasive pad.

POLISHED BRASS (DPB) A beautiful mirror finished brass that requires no maintenance and will not scratch or tarnish.
POLISHED NICKEL (DPN) Unlike our standard nickel plate, our Diamondclad nickel requires no maintenance to preserve its rich luster.
SATIN BRASS (DSB) This brushed satin brass finish is similar to our lacquered satin brass finish, but has a much more durable protective coating.
SATIN NICKEL (DSN) Similar in appearance to our satin nickel plated finish, but protected by our Diamondclad finish. This satin nickel will not tarnish, and requires no maintenance as the standard satin nickel plate.


OILED FINISHES: Oiled finishes are living finishes that will continue to develop a patina with age. Maintenance of re-applying oil will slow this process as it provides a protective barrier to inhibit further oxidation.
CARE FOR OILED FINISHES: Use soft cloth with light machine oil taking care as heavy rubbing can remove too much oxidation resulting in undesirable light spots.

OIL RUBBED BRONZE (ORB) A deep brown, our Oil Rubbed Bronze is very lightly wheel brushed, then bronze plated and oxidized, before it is completed with a hand rubbed oil finish. As the finish ages, the oil and oxidation may wear away on heavily handled areas exposing the warm glow of the bronze plating. On untouched areas, the color will continue to darken. This finish will develop its own patina quicker than the waxed finishes.


POWDER COAT PAINTED FINISHES: Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish. The powder used for the process is a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, which is sprayed onto a surface to be coated. The charged powder particles adhere to the electrically grounded surfaces until heated and fused into a smooth coating in a curing oven. Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than solvent-based paints.
Powder coating is also highly protective of our environment. While liquid finishes contain solvents which have pollutants known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), powder coating contains no solvents and releases negligible amounts, if any, of VOCs into the atmosphere.
CARE FOR PAINTED FINISHES: Clean with a soft damp cloth using mild dish soap if required. Never use wax or abrasive cleaners and pads as these will create glossy areas on the matte finish.

We use a low gloss powder coat paint that is uniform, and durable. These finishes are well suited for hospitality jobs and where lamps will be used in harsh environments.

2 inch x 2 inch finish samples are available upon request.